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Tailored solutions to each Project 

Hoff & Koch GmbH

The daughter company of G. + N Koch GbR. 

We understand that there is no solution that meets everyones needs. Solutions can have many facets and need to be adopted to the demands of our costumer. Hence, we fully focus YOU, our customer and develop solutions that meet the requierements put forward by you.

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Product range


Steel products

We produce and supply all types of steel and non-ferrous metals and can have the products delivered to your location. All products are compliant with German and European industry certifications. 

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Doors and door systems

Our doors are built to the needed specifications of each order, and we will work with each customer to ensure that the order is specifically tailored for maximum functionality and safety. 

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Cable products

For use in the public and private sector. 

Our Partners


Office in Germany

Phone: +49 040 69219577 



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